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  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    Objective of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) course from SMU

    Thinking of obtaining an MBA degree is a wise investment. MBA marks an achievement that you should be proud of because it not only enhances your job skills but improves your marketability knowledge. Designed to cultivate the leadership and decision making skills, MBA is a qualification necessary to tackle the challenges of today’s global businesses.

    The objective of an MBA program is to develop:
    •    An understanding of economic principles and their effects on business.
    •    The skills of leaderships, teamwork and supervision.
    •    The analytical tools of decision making in complex business issues and problems.
    •    The students marketing skills by identifying and evaluating case studies.
    •    The ability to function effectively in a diverse and globally challenging business environment.
    •    Teach students the techniques useful for financial analysis necessary for effective management.

    The master of business administration program is designed to provide the hone required to become a professional manager in a variety of organizational settings. The key aim of the program is to enhance the student’s skills with the foundation in content and competencies that will further support their development as professional managers.  Gone are the days when entrepreneurs used to learn business on the job. This was the most prevalent way of getting education earlier but today, there are numerous successful entrepreneurs who have succeeded by earning a degree through distance learning MBA colleges. You too can obtain a better managerial position in your company or even start your own business after the completion of an MBA degree from SMU.

    The SMU-DE MBA programs will develop the five core competencies:
    •    Leadership and teamwork which is an essential requirement to work effectively towards a common goal while working as a team.
    •    Communication that will develop organizational and informational skills among students. This will not only help them speak, listen and work effectively within groups but will also enable them write effective proposals and reports.
    •    Technology will develop their skills of using appropriate software tools, internet resources and electronic communication.
    •    Ethics will be developed, helping them recognize ethical problems and understand the standard of ethical behaviour prevalent in business.
    •    Diversity will give them the confidence to work effectively in diverse environments. Students will more effectively understand the implications of diversity and work for effective management.


    Students seeking admission are required to successfully clear the admission test called the SMUDE Management Aptitude test (SMAT) conducted by the university. This test will be a proctored one. The result sheet of the test duly signed by the proctor should be attached along the other documents when sent to the University for Admission. However, the students who meet any of the following criteria would be exempted from taking the SMAT:
    1)    Graduation in any discipline with 50% marks of general category.
    2)    Minimum work experience to be 3 years (varies as per program).
    3)    Score card of national/international MBA entrance test with at least 45% or above. This score card should not be more than one year old at the time of admission in SMU.

    •    Rs. 14200.00 – per semester
    •    Rs. 49,600.00 – Onetime payment (if paid in one go)

    Job Prospects

    MBA job market appears to have rebounded from recent times. In India, job opportunities for MBAs are predicted to rise. As far as the job outlook is concerned, it is pretty strong. From working as a senior manager in some bank or financial company to opening up your own enterprise, there is a plethora of career opportunities awaiting you.

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